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Just a couple brothers who like making drinks, and making each other laugh.

Now That's A Drink was created with the goal of spreading the joy of mixology. We believe in experimentation and trying new things, to break out of the ordinary and enjoy the process of discovery. So we encourage you to modify any of the recipes on this site to your liking, and please feel free to reach out with any questions - we'd love to hear from you!


Mike and Sam

Now thats a drink Mike and Sam web-7.jpg

Mike Gamper

CDO (Chief Drink Officer)

Mike once placed second in a Buffalo Trace bourbon cocktail competition, but he tried his best and that's all that really matters. With 15 years of restaurant industry experience, Mike has worked as a bartender at high end establishments in Alberta, Ontario, and nowhere in-between. He's in his element behind the bar, creating delicious drinks from scratch and, more importantly, making sure every customer/viewer enjoys themselves.

Sam Gamper

CTO (Chief Tasting Officer)

Behind the camera and in front of a screen, Sam works to bring Mike's creations and hilarious personality to the world. With a background in video production and just enough web development experience to get by, Sam is a jack of all trades/master of none. But he loves his work, especially when "work" is filming the creation of a new recipe, and then getting to drink it.

Now thats a drink Mike and Sam web-3.jpg

Photography by Olima Studio

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